Meet Josh Wylie

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Carolina SEO Founder

Born into the lifestyle of a military brat, Josh grew up moving every couple of years. He was raised in diverse regions of the nation to include Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Yuma, Arizona, and Fredericksburg, Virginia. After a 30-year career in the US Marine Corps, Josh’s father retired and moved his family back home to Rock Hill, SC where Josh attended and graduated from Winthrop University.

Josh was introduced to computers at an early age which led to his fascination with technology.  Beginning his career at Comporium Communications, Josh worked in a call-center at night as a broadband support technician while attending classes during the day. After earning a bachelor's degree in computer science from Winthrop, Josh swiftly matriculated up the corporate chain.

Josh’s desire to help others grew in parallel with his knowledge and experience. Aside from his professional career, Josh has consistently assisted local businesses by designing logos and websites. Through word-of-mouth, Josh realized the need to formalize his contributions and launched his digital marketing company “Carolina SEO” in 2017.

To date, Carolina SEO has designed more than 70 websites thus helping small businesses across the nation develop their web presence. Josh continues to work full-time while operating his business as the knowledge and experience from one fuels the other in what he describes as a “perfect reaction”. Josh has also worked for Duke Energy as a Nuclear IT Business Analyst and currently works for LendingTree as an  IT Project Manager & Scrum Master. And he has recently added real estate investing to his portfolio.

Josh plans to continue showing his love and passion for developing others through digital services.

He lives by two mottos. The first is “The only thing better than having blessings is to be a blessing to another” and the second is to “fail fast, fail hard, and adapt”.